Sheila Ladrillono

Sheila Ladrillono

Sheila Ladrillono, RN

Float Pool
Harborview Medical Center, UW Medicine
Seattle, Washington
United States
Sheila works to find the positive side in any event that has been difficult.

Sheila was a traveler at Harborview prior to starting her permanent position for the float pool. She is consistently recognized as someone easy to work with and gets compliments from staff and patients. Sheila is humble, self-reflective, and always empathetic about how others feel in any situation. She works to find the positive side in any event that has been difficult. Sheila approaches problems by first critiquing her own performance and exemplifies professional accountability. The hospital aides that support her work frequently recognize her for being exceptionally kind when providing patient care. Sheila focuses on providing exemplary care regardless of where we board patients. She is proactive in offering assistance to her co-workers. 


We have received many compliments over the years about Sheila, but just within the past several years are some comments from staff:

"Very gentle and kind to her patients!"

"Safety is a number one concern of Sheila when working with her patients."

"Great team player, always willing to help other staff with a big smile."

"Sheila provided excellent care to all of her patients and was incredibly positive, despite having two of the most challenging patients. She was patient, prompt, thorough, and efficient in all her interactions. I hope she comes back to visit us again soon."


From her patients:

"You were the best of the best."

“I would like to thank Sheila, and the rest of the staff, from the bottom of my heart for her care and compassion."