Sheila Cross

Sheila Cross, RN

Methodist North Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Sheila Cross’s father passed away recently. Nurses Kendra Owens, Shannon Weed, and (Brenda Nelson-former 4N Nurse) were at the funeral to pay their respects. Sheila’s dad had a childhood friend that was there also to pay his respects. Sheila greeted this gentleman at her father’s casket, and was hugging him when the man said he felt dizzy and collapsed. Sheila helped him to the floor, and went into action. She checked for responsiveness and had someone call 911. Kendra Owens and Shannon Weed, both 4N nurses that work nights with Sheila, immediately came to assist. After realizing the man was pulse less, Kendra started chest compressions and asked the funeral home attendant if they had an AED, which they did not. The 4N team of Sheila, Kendra, and Shannon, (and Brenda) continued with CPR and assessing the man until the paramedics arrived. He was found to be in V-fib and was defibrillated and intubated on site and transported to the hospital, but remained unresponsive. The start of Sheila’s dad’s funeral was delayed, but after it was over Sheila went to the hospital (St. Francis) to check on him and found him to be in the ER with his family and he was alert and trying to apologize for this happening at her father’s funeral. They were preparing him for a cardiac cath, but he was alive and alert. This incredible team of nurses went into action just as they do when they work together on their unit. Sheila stated that she felt that her father was able to help his friend one last time because if he had not been at this funeral with a team of cardiac nurses present, he could have certainly lost his life. For this the DAISY Award is presented to Sheila Cross, Kendra Owens, and Shannon Weed for their quick action during an already emotional and stressful time.