Sheena Bachman

Sheena Bachman

Sheena Bachman, RN

Skiff Medical Center
Newton, Iowa
United States

Sheenna cared for my father-in-law while in hospice. She never seemed to be in a hurry, she always spent extra time to give him a special touch or look. Sheenna always made sure he was comfortable and stayed on top of his pain. The best thing was she handled the situation with compassion and was conscious of his dignity. Sheenna never entered our room without a smile. She acted like we were her only patients and never too busy for my father-in-law or the family. Sheena is an awesome nurse!


Sheenna cared for my father-in-law during his last days. She was attentive to all his needs. She always was proactive on giving him pain meds to keep him out of pain and comfortable. She was very attentive to family as well. She was always available for any questions we had. As his time lessened, she was great at checking in with him and the family. We truly appreciated all her time and kindness to him and her family. Your hospital is a better place due to her kindness and compassion.