Shayla Fox

Shayla Fox

Shayla Fox, BSN, RN

Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
Shayla makes it seem like being a nurse is second nature and the main focus is K and us.

Since coming to the hospital, we have had many excellent nurses. Shayla has gone above and beyond to make not only K's but her parents' experience as comfortable as possible. A couple of nights ago she prepped us for the few days we will be able to come home. She sat down with us and went over each step. She paused for our questions, answered them, and wrote down the ones she needed to follow up on, then came back later with answers. We all connected on a personal level already and made this conversation so easy. Because this was an important step for us as parents, it was 30+ minutes that she allowed herself to educate us. Much longer than the couple minutes she would be in doing her work with K. But even in those short times in the room, Shayla would connect with us all on personal levels and have fun.

In the face of our adverse situation, she has shown unending compassion. Shayla makes it seem like being a nurse is second nature and the main focus is K and us. Making sure we understand what is going on, keeping us informed, asking everyone if we have questions, and offering further explanation. She isn't here just to tell us what she is doing or what will happen next. She connects with us, she remembers things in our lives, she's given us the knowledge to understand K's journey through AML.

When we have questions, Shayla doesn't know or wants to double-check on, she doesn't forget or sweep it aside, she's always followed up with someone and comes back with an answer or resource for us to use. Having her create an extraordinary experience for us so far is an understatement. It has been beyond extraordinary, better than perfect. No family wants to be here with their child. Shayla has educated us, made us comfortable with what's happening, and been a friend to K that she can open up to. Then she's a nurse, too. She has just done an amazing job. It shows that she truly loves her job and helping others that need care.