Shawn Gillard

Shawn Gillard

Shawn Gillard, RN-BC

Post Surgical / Tele
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Gilbert, Arizona
United States

Nominated by a Patient’s wife:

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my husband is here with me because of the skill, concern, and dedication of a wonderful nurse named Shawn Gillard.

After my husband had his second surgery, Shawn arrived for her day shift and was called into his room to see if he was receiving too much narcotic.

Immediately she recognized the degree of distress he was in and she went into action: calling the doctor, checking his drainage tubes, and basically providing stabilization. She remained by our side until we were settled into the pre-op area.

During the passing hours of surgery and during our 12 day stay in ICU, Shawn repeatedly returned to check on us ~ during her lunch hour as well as after her shifts. She did this to let us know she was there for us.

I was alone during much of this very hard time and her compassion is something I will never forget.

My husband and I have been married 34 years so this Holiday season is a gift given to us, made possible by a very skilled, compassionate and caring nurse.

Thank you Shawn.