Shawn Andrews

Shawn Andrews

Shawn Andrews, RN

Baptist Memorial Hospital - DeSoto
Southaven, Mississippi
United States

We had wonderful nurses and care providers! Shawn REALLY stood out! When my husband was in need of fluid intake to reverse a reaction to a high dose of meds, he was too nauseated to drink water. There were no vending machines on our floor with Sprite (the one thing he felt he could keep down). I was scared to leave his side since his reaction came on so strong (and he has heart failure -20% EF and just had his 6th or 7th stent placed in his heart yesterday).

Shawn went to the cafeteria and bought my husband a sprite! This may not seem to some like a grand act but we were in need of a Sprite to increase his BP and help reverse his situation.
Shawn took time to go through each medicine, strength and dosage. She caught one that had been entered incorrectly in the system and corrected it!

She went above and beyond by contacting the releasing physician to be sure they were aware of what happened to ensure my husband's safety. I truly wish to thank her!