Shauna Eimer

Shauna Eimer

Shauna Eimer, RN

Infectious Disease Clinic
Children's Mercy Kansas City (MO)
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

"Shauna has gone above and beyond the call of duty as one of our clinic nurses in Infectious Disease Clinic. In addition to her duties in our outpatient clinic at the Hall campus, she has willingly taken extra time to drive out to the South campus and provide excellent nursing care for our Travel Medicine Clinic. We recently lost the staff nurse who was providing the nursing care for this clinic and a replacement has not been found. However, in the interim, Shauna has really stepped up and helped us see Travel Medicine Clinic patients, provide immunizations, manage prescriptions, and assist with Travel advice that we would not have been able to provide if she has not been willing to help us out."


"Shauna came to work in the Infectious Disease Clinic in July of 2013. She has proven time and time again what a great asset she is, not only to the ID clinic, but to other departments as well. The Infectious Disease Clinic shares clinic space with the Pulmonology/Sleep/CF Clinic. Recently, due to unexpected reasons, Pulm/Sleep clinic has been extremely short staffed. Shauna has not hesitated to volunteer to come help the Pulmonology/Sleep clinic out on her day off if they needed her to. She has also helped with making numerous phone calls to Pulm/Sleep families inquiring about flu vaccination to help provide information for the US News & World Report. Along with working her full time job in the ID clinic, Shauna also comes in on her days off to help perform water deprivation studies on patients that need it. When she is not doing this, she is volunteering her time talking to student nurses about diabetes, which Shauna has had since she was a little girl. She shares her story with the students, as well as teaches them about the disease. Shauna is a true example of service excellence. She goes that extra mile to make sure patients and families have the best experience. An example that stands out to me is one day when we were walking on the ground floor towards the Moon elevators to take them up to our clinic. It was a very crowded time of day by the elevators and many families, patients, and staff were waiting for the elevator. When an elevator door opened, there was a mad rush to get on, not only by families, but employees as well. Shauna calmly stood back and let the waiting families on first. She ended up waiting out 3 elevators before getting on one to make sure the patients and families got on first. She later informed me that this is something that drives her crazy'...'when employees rush onto the elevators while there are families waiting. That is not how it is supposed to be. We need to show respect for our families!' That really sunk in with me as I am guilty of rushing on to get where I am going.

Shauna demonstrates the friendly, helpful, courteous and kind' values everyday at Children's Mercy. She truly is an extraordinary nurse and a wonderful addition to the ID clinic!"