Sharon Olson

Sharon Olson, Register Nurse Proficient

Emergency Services
Aurora West Allis Memorial Hospital
West Allis, Wisconsin
United States

Submitted by: Kathy Demmer – Patient

As a caregiver I am not used to being a patient in the ER department. On October 14, 2009, I was working and developed chest pains. After the pain did not subside I went to the ER. They put me in a room right away. Sharon Olson followed me into the room. She was very concerned and knowing I was really scared she comforted me the best she could. She told me what would be happening. She explained things until I understood. By the time she was done I was a lot more calmed down. She checked on me all the time to see how I was doing. I did not need to be an inpatient. When Sharon discharged me, she wanted to make sure to me how important it was to follow up with my primary care doctor. I felt she was really concerned and very caring for me as though I was a member of the family.

I know there are a lot of good nurses, but Sharon is a very outstanding and caring nurse that I ever experienced while being a patient. I personally would like to thank Sharon for her caring and kindness.