Sharon Delgadillo

Sharon Delgadillo, RN

Moores Cancer Center-Infusion
UC San Diego Health System
San Diego, California
United States

While it is amazing to see the heroic stories of the top nurses, often forgotten are those in the trenches who are so dedicated that they give much more to their patients than one would believe is humanly possible, while somehow managing to avoid the limelight. My oncology nurse, Sharon Delgadillo falls into that class.
For almost two years she has been my primary nurse through chemotherapy and a very tough bone marrow transplant. Before I met Sharon, I didn't know that type of genuine caring individual really existed. I believed it to be a myth. Her compassion, concern, knowledge and skills are beyond anything I have ever witnessed. Other nurses and patients come to her daily with questions and concerns. She is always patient, understanding and helpful. I have never heard her complain once, nor have I ever heard anyone talk poorly about her. She is definitely a "go to" nurse, who cares more about her patients and their health than anyone I have ever met.
She has given me her cell number in case of questions, rejoices with me when my numbers are good, and is sad when they are bad. She checks in on me when I'm in another part of the clinic, and calls me after my doctor appointments to see if there is anything she can do. And as a former podiatric surgeon, I am not the easiest patient to deal with, Sharon doesn't have to do any of that. She could draw my blood, give me my medications, and walk away but she cares, she really cares. Not just about me, but all of her patients. She is the type of person that we would all love to become! Sharon doesn't just take care of me, but makes me want to be a better person. Now that is what a top nurse is all about.