Shannon Hansen

Shannon Hansen

Shannon Hansen, RN

Aurora BayCare Medical Center
Green Bay, Wisconsin
United States

I nominate Shannon Hansen, RN as a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award. I had major surgery done on 3/31/11. I was able to observe a lot of people during my 6 day stay at Aurora. Everyone was superb, but I did get to observe a truly wonderful nurse training another nurse! Shannon was training Denise.

I could feel the passion they both had. Shannon guided in such a way as to allow Denise to “do” the procedures herself and never gave the feeling of hurrying along or boredom/non-interest.

I truly think this nurse needs to be recognized. Both of these nurses showed me the type of employees at Green Bay’s Aurora BayCare: hard working, sincere, true professionals with a HUGE heart and smile. Thanks to all my stay was memorable in a great way.