Shannon Cioce
August 2020
Medical Surgical
Newton Medical Center
United States




I have witnessed Shannon spend more time with patients than anyone else I have ever observed. I frequently fill the role of the charge nurse on my unit and I have the unique opportunity to observe firsthand the quality of care provided to our patients. I have often found Shannon sitting, holding the hand of her patient, and listening to THEIR story. I have witnessed Shannon spend the better part of an hour combing and washing the hair of a patient, just to make them feel human and cared for. I have seen her stay way past the end of her shift to comfort families who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. It is in these moments she is excellent. She will hug family, wrap her arms around patients, and will genuinely be in the moment. Shannon not only loves her job, but she also loves her patients. This happens every time I work with Shannon. Too often awards are given out for momentary acts of extraordinary kindness. This nomination is for exceptional consistency. Shannon is excellent every day and she should be recognized for that. Her authenticity is unparalleled. She is a master in the art of nursing, and I hope one day I am half as authentic, caring, and passionate as Shannon.