Shannon Bledsoe
June 2018
Adult ED
UF Health - Shands
United States




Shannon Bledsoe stayed for 2 hours past her shift to be with a patient's family while the patient was passing. The patient had been here all day and had initially come in as a trauma alert. The patient had fallen and suffered from a catastrophic brain bleed. The patient was extubated and comfort measures were provided for the patient. Shannon spent lots of time with the family, comforting them, and educating them about what resources were available to them. She made sure that the patient had a peaceful, soothing environment and that the family was also happy with everything. After the patient passed, Shannon stayed to comfort the family more and helped me with the info related to the death packet. She was not in a hurry to leave even though it was 2 hours past time for her to go, and made the comment, "It worked out the way it was supposed to and I'm glad that I was able to be there for them." Shannon is always so compassionate and is willing to help whenever and where ever she is needed. She is such an amazing person and nurse! She has an amazing heart and we appreciate her so much!


To add to Shannon’s story, she has bought (with her own money) small books about grieving which she offers to the family of trauma patients who die in the ED. She also recently had a pediatric trauma patient die and she wanted something to give to the family members. This was on a Saturday and she called, then went to the PICU to secure a memory box for this family. She then helped the family with handprints, hair lock, etc. Shannon also told me she recently met with Dave Hudson to try to get memory boxes for all Peds trauma patients who die in the ED. Shannon is also a Palliative Care Resource Nurse and is extremely         compassionate and dedicated to helping those grieving families of trauma patients who die in the ED.