Shane Donald

Shane Donald

Shane Donald, RN

Medical Surgical
Indiana University Health: West Hospital
Avon, Indiana
United States

Shane Donald was the IU Health West recipient of the DAISY award for the 4th quarter of 2011. He had many nominations, several of which are below. Shane had only been an RN for one year, but he exemplifies caring, compassion and really connecting with his patients, as you can tell from reading what his recent patients have to say:

• My father was in IU West when he passed away. I want to thank the staff who had a part of taking care of my dad. The staff at the hospital are simply amazing! ……I want to recognize several people who went above and beyond……Shane was Dad’s nurse for a couple of days and was simply amazing. We knew he had other patients to tend to but he gave us his undivided attention. It seemed like he was there for just my Dad. He is a nurse who has found his passion. He is not only good at what he does but shows such wonderful care to the patients and family. I understand why he has so many stars around his neck. He deserves another one for caring for my Dad.

• Shane took the time to look at all medication in order to help me. He found a medication that no other nurse either noticed or failed to mention that would have helped me during parts of my stay. Since he took the time, the transition from one medication to another went smoothly and my final dressing change on wound was not as painful. He also constantly checked to see if I needed anything. Thanks Shane for making my stay just that much better!

• Not only did Shane manage my sister’s pain levels, he did it with humor and a pro-active approach to keep the pain at bay. He got her to eat when she didn’t want dinner and my suggestions failed. This guy is packing a bag of tricks that should be taught to those who are inexperienced or apathetic to pain and suffering!

• Shane is a remarkable nurse. He is very kind and knowledgeable. He knows how to make his patients and their family feel comfortable and taken care of from the moment you meet him. He took the anxiety out of being in the hospital.

• Shane was amazing! I have had a total of 6 surgeries in my life and he made this “surprise” visit delightful. He was there to help me constantly, most times before I even pressed the call button. He was attentive and very sensitive to my needs. Everyone here was fantastic, but Shane was my hero!

• Shane was my day nurse and took care of me as I prepared for and recovered from gallbladder surgery. He was prompt in responding to my pain and answering my questions and he was responsive to my husband while I was in surgery. He was very kind and kept my spirits up.