Shana Condrey

Shana Condrey, RN

Werner Cancer Hospital - Progressive Care Unit
Nebraska Medicine - Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
Shay has been empathetic and informative.

My father has been inpatient at UNMC for over a month and of course, has had many caretakers. At this point that is 36 days so 72 nursing shifts! This type of stay allows you to evaluate RNs and their ability to actually care for a patient. Shay has been the best caretaker of our stay here. She has been so attentive to my father's needs and ensuring us as a family are well informed, using "kitchen table language". She was attentive and nice.

Shay spent time ensuring all his JP drains were draining his infection and working to ensure all his infection was being pulled out. As his needs changed, so has her care. At one point his wound evolved to needing dressing changes and suction. She has been empathetic and informative. I appreciate her opinion and willingness to engage his doctors when necessary to ensure proper care and answer our questions. At one time we were allowed to have her for six straight days. She has been amazing. She treated him with compassion and rounded constantly.

Prior to him being transferred to this unit, he was having issues with very high heart rate. I was nervous leaving him one night and asked the nurse if she was notified his blood pressure dropped and she said yes. Shay took the time to show me how the nurses are notified of all changes in heart rate and blood pressure. She also showed me how she set special alarms to make sure she was being notified of all changes in heart rate and blood pressure she thought were elevated. I wanted to be sure that if something happened overnight someone would be notified, and she assured me that someone was being notified. I can't thank her enough for explaining all the next steps and procedures to us. She even brought me a tablet, trained me on how to use it to track his medication and care.

Everyone should have to shadow her to see what exemplary patient care looks like. She encouraged him in great ways to get into the chair and walk, which we all know is critical to remaining on a good path. Once we had him up, she had him taken in a wheelchair versus a bed to a CT scan. Little things like this, making sure he was doing what he was supposed to, to get better made her a great caretaker. Someone in my family is always with my father during the day hours to make sure we are here to listen to the attending physicians and residents as they round.

This hospital visit has been anything but predictable. His stay has involved many hurdles and having such a great nurse allows you to feel they are in great hands when you leave. My dad even asked if she could do home health when he was able to go home. I can tell you my entire family agrees she is amazing.