Shana Chacko

Shana Chacko

Shana Chacko, RN

5 Tower Med/Surg Unit
St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital
Madison Heights, Michigan
United States

Shana Chacko, RN on 5T was nominated for a DAISY Award by an associate in the Staffing Office, who shared:

“There was a large family that was very upset with the imminent death of their mom, who was in hospice. The family was expressing anger at staff due to same; they were finding fault with any explanation of the dying process and venting at their nurse. The assignment was changed in mid-shift to accommodate their request for another nurse. Shana was able to redirect their angry feelings to purposeful acknowledgement of their impending loss. She is a caring, skilled, compassionate young RN. She turned a large angry group of family members into lambs instead of lions through her top notch communicative skills and genuine caring! She is gifted in being able to sense the unspoken, and due to this, helped a large family come to some closure with their mom. She facilitated a peaceful parting for this family – went above and beyond! This family was very thankful for her care.”

Shana provided excellent nursing care to both family and patient.