Shakita Bullock

Shakita Bullock

Shakita Bullock, LPN

Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
United States
Shakita broke through my resilience and opened up to heal my mind from the past.

From day one of me coming to the floor, my first recollection of Shakita was giving me my first medication. She was the nurse that reached out to me and was so approachable that I knew I could open up to her and trust her with some information I had been struggling with. I also felt she was safe and when I let that huge incident that had truly had I stuck she immediately showed compassion and kindness towards me.

I felt like a ton of bricks that was holding me down had finally been lifted from me. Shakita didn't judge me but truly listened and was sincere in her response and feedback. It helped me take a lot of inner confusion and hurt and actually was the first of many things that I was able to let go and resolve. By standing up and getting that first- but not final- "backbone" of validation in which my self-esteem boosted.

Over the next few weeks, I would be anxiously waiting at the window for Shakita to show up and so excited to talk over my day with her. I could see myself smile, laugh, and more importantly cry and know that I can have closure and started a special friendship that I really craved but thought was impossible to trust another nurse or person. She broke through my resilience and opened up to heal my mind from the past. I am so thankful for her being that special one person that helped me heal, and that was just the beginning of my journey and gave me the confidence to be resilient.