Shaila Barnes

Shaila Barnes, RN

7C-Pediatric Med/Surg
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters
Norfolk, Virginia
United States

Shaila was nominated for this award by Kristen Donahoe, her unit Manager, who wrote: “Shaila is a strong nurse who demonstrates an amazing ability to care for her patients every shift she works. She is very knowledgeable and is a resource for all staff on the unit. Her ability to advocate for her patients is outstanding. With an assignment of 3 very busy patients, she observed that one of them was not doing well with a medication. Shaila was persistent in her communication with the child’s physician throughout the day and eventually the doctor said to her ‘you were right, thank you’. She did not give up after hearing “No” from a physician. She understands it is her job to advocate for the comfort of her patients and did so, respectfully, on that day.
On another shift with a full assignment, Shaila was informed by the charge nurse that one of her patients would be transferred to another unit so a new patient could be admitted. Shaila offered to take the admission without transferring the other patient. She expressed concern that the transfer would be disruptive to the patient and family and felt that continuity of care was important with the child’s pending discharge. This decision required an increased workload, but she put the patient’s best interest above her own.
Shaila is an outstanding nurse who demonstrates great clinical skill, excellent service to her patients and families, collaboration and advocacy with the healthcare team and exceptional team work which ultimately improves patient care and safety. She is an asset to our department and CHKD and should be recognized for her outstanding performance and compassion as a Registered Nurse.”