The Seventh Floor Sepsis Committee
May 2018
The Seventh Floor Sepsis Committee
at Henry Ford Allegiance Health
7th Floor Sepsis Committee
Henry Ford Allegiance Health
United States
Kathleen Blanton, RN; Mary Rentschler, RN; Carey Johnson, RN; Andrew Shay, RN; Jammie Sibley, RN; Kristy Casagranda, RN; Emily Whitaker, RN; Stephanie Palmer, BSN, RN; Theresa Anderson, RN




As the Sepsis Unit was opening, the leadership team on the Seventh floor thought it would be helpful to have a group of Sepsis Champions to identify barriers and educational needs of the unit. The Sepsis Champions were to serve as the resources for the Sepsis Unit when peers had questions. This led to the development of the Seventh Floor Sepsis Committee.  Team members were recommended by their peers and invited to join as members.

The dedicated care to this specific patient population aligned with our mission to lead our community to better health and well-being at every stage of life. The team acquired specialized training on caring for the septic patients in need.  The clinical practice was monitored according to the sepsis bundle, including length of stay and readmissions on this unit to ensure the best care for the patients.

This team worked diligently on the educational needs and created medication cards for the staff to use as a resource. They are now serving as champions for our new product testing of the PIVO, a product to assist with blood draws to increase patient satisfaction.   With their help as our champions of the unit, the Sepsis Unit has decreased length of stay, mortality rates, and readmissions for the sepsis population.