Sekina Rookwood

Sekina Rookwood

Sekina Rookwood, RN

Broward Health Medical Center
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States

Although I am an RN at BHMC, I am writing this from a patient and nurse perspective. I was a patient at BHMC in May. I had surgery and was originally admitted to AICU and then transferred to 5 Atrium. This is where I experience the clinical expertise of Nurse Sekina Rookwood. Sekina knew I was an RN, and respected the fact that I had clinical knowledge of my situation, but she treated me as a patient with no nursing expertise at all which I greatly appreciated.

Sekina was very professional when she introduced herself to me. She asked how I was doing and allowed me to discuss any concerns with her. She listened with an empathetic ear and made me feel as if I was her only patient! Talk about "AIDET" in action!! I really appreciated the time she took to allow me to "vent" my concerns and to be an active participant in decision making regarding my care!

After my initial contact, Sekina began her thorough "head to toe" assessment. As she assessed each body system, she began to teach preventative measures necessary to decrease complications from prolonged bed rest. For example: cough, deep breathe, demonstrate use of incentive spirometer, etc. She then assessed my cardiac status-BP, pulse rate and regularity, heart tones, and general circulatory status. She discussed the importance of using the SCD's, Lovenox, ambulation, etc. to prevent DVT's. This was followed by GI assessment, dressings, drains and bowel sounds etc. Each assessment was followed by a brief explanation of findings and preventative measures when applicable. I appreciated Sekina's thorough assessments and discussion of findings with me.

Following her assessments, she began to focus on my pain score and pain management. She reviewed the medications I was taking, discussed their effects and was very interested in my response to the medications. Sekina also discussed non-pharmacological measures to help reduce pain as well.

I could go on and on about the excellent care I received from Sekina! She is an excellent nurse and a true "asset" to 5 Atrium and Broward Health Medical Center.