Scottie Burt

Scottie Burt

Scottie Burt, RN

Intensive Care Unit
Confluence Health
Wenatchee, Washington
United States

Scottie Burt, RN, was nominated by the wife of a former patient who writes:

Scottie not only demonstrated compassion and caring toward my husband, as his ICU patient, he also showed me and all other family members the same compassion and caring. He always had him clean, his hair combed, and face shaved when I walked in to see him in the wee hours of the morning.

He treated him with the dignity he deserved in a hard situation and even answered every question thrown at him with kindness and knowledge. If you need a role model to show young nurses in training how to treat all patients and family, Scottie would be the one to follow.

Thank you, Scottie, from the bottom of my heart.