Scott Conway

Scott Conway

Scott Conway, RN

Medical Imaging
Banner University Medical Center Phoenix Campus
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

I have had many imaging studies over the last year. Every time I come to BUMC-P, Scott Conway makes sure that my IV needs are met in a timely manner because I have poor veins and dread having IV’s started by anyone but Scott.

During every interaction with Scott, he is caring, compassionate and professional. During a recent admission when the nurses couldn’t start my IV, I asked them to check with Scott. Without hesitation Scott came up to start the IV, was able to start the IV on the first stick, saving me anguish and saving Banner supplies.

Scott provides a sense of humor and encouragement to patients that is very special! He’s a true role model of excellence! He always takes time to ask how things are going with my cancer treatment and is so sincere and a wonderful listener. Thank you, Scott!