Scott Cavanaugh

Scott Cavanaugh

Scott Cavanaugh, RN

Hamilton Medical Center
Dalton, Georgia
United States
I know that my mom left this world in peace due to Scott's constant care and support.

I was very upset when I was notified that I needed admission to the cancer floor due to possible cancer earlier this month. My mom had previously died from cancer, so this was upsetting and overwhelming. When I was admitted to 2A, I was so relieved to see that Scott was my nurse because he had taken care of my mom who passed away 15 years ago from cancer. My mother always referred to Scott as her "angel" because he spent so much time with her on her last days on this earth. He eased her mind and ours and helped all of us through this horrible, frightening time. I know that my mom left this world in peace due to Scott's constant care and support. She felt that Scott was a gift from God to help her transition to Heaven. I was also comforted because I knew that I was in good hands and would receive great care. I brought all of the family in to meet him for what he has done for our family. I was very upset when it was his day off, but I understand. I truly hope HMC knows what an "angel" they have in Scott. I will never forget what he did for me, my mom, and my family. Thank you for allowing me to tell my story.


Scott was on top of any recommendation I, as an ICU nurse, had. He explained everything to my family so they knew what was going on. My dad was struggling to breathe at the start of his shift. Scott stayed with us for over an hour and contacted the MD and RT. They coordinated plan of care. Scott was in our room a lot that day so he couldn't have had much time to eat or get a break. He talked with me and was honest and confirmed a lot of what I was thinking was happening. He helped comfort us and kept checking on us. As an RN myself from NC, I was very impressed. You can tell he loves what he does. Oncology can be a very tough floor due to high emotions and you can tell this is the right fit and calling for Scott.

Note: This is Scott’s 2nd DAISY Award!