Scarlett Rice

Scarlett Rice

Scarlett Rice, RN

Cardiac ICU
Allegheny General Hospital
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Scarlett was scheduled off the day we had to let M go, but she made sure she was with us when we had to say goodbye to M.

I would like to let you know about the experience I and my family recently had at AGH. My brother, M was brought into your hospital and after having emergency surgery was put in the cardiac unit. M never woke up after getting to the hospital. He was only 51 and was the 6th sibling of 7. M was in the unit for 7 days before we had to let him go.

There were several nurses that attended to M, and each took great care of him. But I cannot express the gratitude we have for the special nurse that showed such compassion and understanding with what my family and I went through in that week. Scarlett was professional when doing her job but also showed compassion. To me, she was there because she cared about her patients and wanted to help us as a family get through what we had to deal with when seeing my brother in the state he was in. Scarlett was the nurse we were fortunate to have taken care of M the majority of the time we had with him at the end.

As we are a close family and losing him has personally left a hole in my heart. But I can truly say, knowing Scarlett was there when I wasn't allowed to be, meant the world to me knowing he was with someone that cared about the person he was and not just a patient. There were little things she did that showed she cared.

Just as an example, she asked about M and wanted to know him and in doing so discovered how much he loved his music, so she downloaded his favorite era of music on her phone and left it with him the entire time she was on shift the last few days. She kept telling us that hearing goes last, talk to him. And knowing he could hear his favorite songs and hear what we were able to tell him before we let him go, made us feel better. I'm telling you this to show she does what she does because she cares. I see her as being my brother's guardian angel in the end and I will always remember her taking care of my baby brother and feel a little better knowing he was with people that cared about him.

Scarlett was scheduled off the day we had to let M go, but she made sure she was with us when we had to say goodbye to M. Again, showing she cared about what we were going to have to go through and making sure M was taken care of to the end.
You have a great staff and one very special person that I will always be grateful to.