Savannah Coker

Savannah Coker

Savannah Coker, RN, BSN

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States
Savannah is so dedicated to her patients and you can tell she loves what she does.

Savannah was so helpful and I looked forward to seeing her in the morning.  She made everything better.  I was having a lot of trouble breastfeeding my baby.  I had gotten a lot of conflicting information from different people.  Savannah comforted me, made me feel so relaxed and my baby nursed a lot easier when she was around.   There was one day in particular that stands out.  Every time I called for help, she came to help me with technique.  When all else failed, at the end of her shift Savannah came in and spent 45 minutes straight trying every trick in the book.  She did practically everything she could besides feed him for me.  Savannah is so dedicated to her patients and you can tell she loves what she does. 

My baby ended up needing to stay 2 extra nights in the hospital.  When Savannah told me we were not going home I broke down and cried.  She was able to reassure me and comfort me.  She gave me confidence and helped me to realize that it is all okay.  Savannah was also incredible and helped me a lot, however, she was not even our nurse.  I cannot thank her enough, as a single mom with limited family around to help, I am not sure I would have made it through this without Savannah.


Savannah is a very sweet caring nurse.  She always made sure I had what I needed.  She never left the room without making sure I was 110% taken care of.  When my blood pressure dropped she didn’t leave my side until it was back to normal.  Wonderful nurse, wonderful person, great personality could not thank her enough for making my labor and delivery amazing.