Satoko Counts

Satoko Counts

Satoko Counts, BSN

Medical ICU
Good Shepherd Medical Center - Longview & Marshall
Longview, Texas
United States

Satoko always goes above and beyond for her patients and her families. She is the definition of an exemplary nurse and a joy to work beside. Satoko recently took care of a very sick young man, nearly every day she worked. As days progressed, the patient's family kept a facebook prayer page updated with the patient's condition and particular prayer requests. One of the posts on the patient's page singled out Satoko as his nurse, mentioning the patient had "their favorite nurse tonight". This to me speaks wonders within itself that she had made such an impact on that patient's family, that they have given her a public recognition.

Satoko is the kind of coworker that you want by your side every night of the week. She is constantly offering help to others during her downtime. She works harder than any employee on the unit and never complains. Satoko is the kind of nurse everyone should strive to be like. She is highly motivated, compassionate, and always has a smile on her face. Her patients are always excited to find out she will be back the next day. I have worked nights after Satoko and many of her patients praise her.

Satoko is an extremely dedicated and hard working individual. She provides superior service to patients and families.She is an important member to the A500 team! Recently, Satoko was handpicked shift after shift by a family to care for their critically ill son. She handled every up and down with the patient and family in a professional and caring manner.

In the year that I have worked with her, Staoko continues to exceed the definition of excellence and is one of our department's most reliable and hard working team members. In addition to a high energy level, she demonstrates a high level of commitment, a willingness to accept responsibility, and the interpersonal skills to handle challenging situations. Satoko has been and continues to be an asset not only to our department but to Good Shepherd as a whole.