Saskia de Koomen

Saskia de Koomen, RN

Cancer Center
Huntington Hospital
Pasadena, California
United States

Angelic Beauty

Soul touching Eye Contact

Sincere Soft Caring Gentle Voice

Instant Friend

Dedicated to her job

and to her

Patients and their Families

My husband is the patient, I am his wife of 55 years and helpmate.

This has been an unbelievable journey. We found ourselves in the friendly comforting arms of Dr. L and his wonderful staff who all strived to make this experience one of comfort and reassurance. The trips to radiation were like visiting a pleasant family members home. This helped immensely with the fear of the unknown.

Saskia has been on vacation when we first started our visits. One day she appeared at one of our meetings with the staff. I am sure I saw a halo over her head. She was gracious, engaging and showed genuine concern for my husband's experience and progress.

Following that first meeting, she called DAILY to check-up on my husband to see if there were any new problems or how things were going in general. She always had the right words of encouragement or reassurance when needed. She helped solve many problems for us. It was nice to know if things were normal or not, so we didn't have to bother a doctor. And it was nice to hear a caring understanding voice on the other end of the line.

Saskia would show up unexpectedly at Dr. K's appointments and even in a Huntington Hospital room when my husband ended up there for four days on an emergency basis. What a pleasant surprise! She was someone who really cared and followed his treatment from one place to another. Someone who was not only "Navigating" to help us along the way but keeping a record to help our failing memories.

Through radiation, chemo and surgery, Saskia was there! She is an outstanding knowledgeable nurse and loving, caring individual. If and when I see her on the street I would run up and give her a hug! She has become a life long friend.

Saskia de Koomen, RN, definitely deserves recognition for her outstanding service to her profession and to the patient's with whom she deals.