Sarah Zenisek

Sarah Zenisek, RN

St. Luke's Hospital (MO)
Chesterfield, Missouri
United States

February 2010 Daisy Recipient

Sarah Zenisek, 6500

When my dad was in critical condition and unconscious she always made sure he was as comfortable as possible. She made sure his mouth (oral health) was kept as clean as possible under the conditions (he was on a ventilator). Sarah always goes out of her way to help. The first thing she’d do every time she came on duty was to reposition dad (William Robertson) to make sure he was comfortable, check all IVs, etc. Then she would straighten up the room. Sarah is very knowledgeable and did a great job and kept us informed. More than anything, Sarah always cared and is always sympathetic to her patients. She is a true example of what/how a nurse should act.
–Rhonda Fentzel (daughter)