Sarah Laprise

Sarah Laprise

Sarah Laprise, RN,BSN

Surgical Floor
Guadalupe Regional Medical Center
Seguin, Texas
United States

I nominate Sarah for a DAISY Award. I have had many encounters with Sarah's patients stating to me numerous times "how wonderful she is!" Families have stated she keeps us up to date on "what's going on with the patient (whoever it is)." She communicates and explains everything to each patient. I even had one family member tell me "I don't worry about my mom while Sarah is taking care of her."

Whether Sarah is the charge nurse or just on floor nurse she is always makes it a point to make sure the patients receive the highest quality of nursing care possible. She uses positive attitude when communicating or caring for her patients to ensure they understand what she will be doing for them, discussing their care needs, and medications while addressing their concerns, Sarah demonstrates a professional and knowledgeable nursing model and uses the same judgment to make sure her patients have high quality, excellent nursing care during their stay at GRMC.

I have noticed that she leads by example; is highly motivated and energetic as a team player and is very focused at making sure she represents GRMC diligently, compassionately and professionally. Sarah is an EXCELLENT example of a DAISY Award Nominee. These are just a few wonderful compliments I have received.

Sarah is a nurse who exemplifies "excellent care." She never takes short cuts, never leaves tasks undone to pass to the next shift if it is humanly possible to complete on her own shift. When JC was here, they unexpectedly arrived on our floor and requested to "shadow" a nurse administering am meds. Sarah unhesitatingly replied "you can follow me. I'm just getting started." She had pulled meds on 4 patients and had them on her cow. She asked the Dr to please follow her. He asked her how many patients had meds on top of her cow and she told him "4". She then proceded to demonstrate to him how she had organized and properly labeled all meds, including those in syringes. He was VERY impressed, as was I! We did not know he was coming to our floor. Sarah was doing things the way she always them---correctly, following the proper guidelines, and to the very best of her ability.

She is quick and eager to learn and quick to offer help and guidance to others. As she is still a new nurse, I can only imagine the level of excellence and expertise she will acquire over the next few years of her career. She/He raises the bar for ALL OF US!!!