Sarah Hamlin

Sarah Hamlin, RN

Providence Regional Medical Center Everett
Everett, Washington
United States

Sarah Hamlin was amazing with my 34-week premature baby. She is very kind and considerate. She treats my daughter like gold and always includes me in all of my daughter’s care. She is very calming and mellow and lets me be front and center when making decisions regarding my daughter’s care.

Sarah treats me with dignity and respect. She is definitely a baby whisperer for sure. I am very thankful for her being my daughter’s nurse. I wouldn't want it any other way. Sarah always has a kind word or encouragement and she lets me be a Mom. I am in total awe of how efficient she is in bathing babies. She has it down to a science. Sarah is compassionate and cares a lot about the babies she works with and it comes through in everything she does as a nurse. Thank you, Sarah, for all that you do. We are forever thankful you chose to become a NICU nurse.