Sarah Hallman

Sarah Hallman, RNC

Family Birth Place
St. Francis Regional Medical Center (MN)
Shakopee, Minnesota
United States

I recently delivered my second baby at St Francis. With my first baby a lot of things did not go as planned and I ended up with a long labor and an urgent C-section. I had a lot of anxiety with my second pregnancy and really wanted to have a vaginal birth. Sarah understood what I was feeling as she felt the same with her pregnancies and coached me through my pregnancy by talking with me, encouraged me to do certain exercises and practice hypnobirthing. When the time came when I went into labor, Sarah even came in to be with me in the middle of the night to be my moral support. I honestly can say I would not have had the wonderful birth experience without her. I had a picture perfect delivery. It made me realize how lucky laboring mommas are to have Sarah as their nurse. Sarah is so great at giving emotional support during the laboring process. I am so glad Sarah is going to school to be a nurse midwife; it is truly her calling in life. I know she will be great and do wonderful things! Thank you Sarah for being a great friend, coworker and nurse! St. Francis is truly lucky to have you on their team.