Sarah E. Barker

Sarah Barker

Sarah E. Barker, RN, BSN

Family Birth Center
CHI Health Good Samaritan
Kearney, Nebraska
United States

Sarah Barker made such a difference in the life of her patient today. Her patient was a mom who had been in a motor vehicle accident and was pretty banged up. Her 3-year-old daughter was here visiting her mom for the day. She had been potty training at home but since she was on bedrest with bathroom privileges, mom wasn’t able to take her every time. Sarah willingly helped the 3-year-old three or four times to the bathroom. The mom was so thankful and the 3-year-old had success once or twice. This mom couldn’t say enough about how great Sarah was. Sarah’s care of her patient involved the whole family. What a great representative for the Family Birth Center and Good Samaritan Hospital.