Sarah Boozam

Sarah Boozam

Sarah Boozam, RN

Medical-Surgical Unit
Westerly Hospital
Westerly, Rhode Island
United States
When Sarah assessed me she always had words of encouragement and I began to feel much better than when I first arrived.

During this busy Memorial Day weekend, Sarah was the nurse on duty in the wing of the hospital where I was admitted.  Along with her many regular duties, including patient admissions and releases, she found the time to help me with an issue that I was having with my medications.

I had fallen from a ladder and broken both legs.  I was in a considerable amount of pain but the medication I was taking was not having the desired effect with respect to pain relief.

Sarah worked on my behalf with hospital staff and the doctor to develop a new medicine regimen to better help with my pain management.  The results of the change were nothing short of a miracle.  The pain was finally under control and I was able to get a good night’s sleep.

Although Sarah was extremely busy she took the time to give me the individual attention that I needed in the most professional manner, explaining each step along the way and did so with a smile on her face.

Sarah is an asset to this facility and to the many patients that she serves.  I would love to recognize her for a job well done.


I came in depressed and embarrassed with an alcohol problem.  Sarah took the time to make sure I was okay and always with a smile. Sarah always had words of encouragement and held my hand when I felt my lowest. When she assessed me she always had words of encouragement and I began to feel much better than when I first arrived.  She made sure that my comfort level was at its best and I was on a clear diet, she made sure that I had another tray of drinks, so I wouldn’t go to sleep hungry.  Nurses are angels on earth, I know because my daughter is one.  We need more like her.  Sarah is a gem and an extremely important part of the care process with her beautiful outlook on life and acceptance of people and their problems.