Sarah Booz

Sarah Booz

Sarah Booz, RN

Adolescent Inpatient
Bradley Hospital
East Providence, Rhode Island
United States

Sarah took the time following my son's check-in to thoroughly explain how the process would take place. It is my son's second time here and I was quite upset with a lot of the questions and feelings.  She was compassionate, respectful and kind.  I left feeling much relieved.  She did follow up with me later as well.


 Sarah has been an RN on the Adolescent Inpatient Program since 10/05/15.  She is always patient-focused in her delivery of care and she utilizes Trauma-Informed Care in her patient/family interactions.  Sarah was recognized by a parent for her compassionate care during an acute time in a child’s life.  She knows the power of the relationship with both the patient and his/her family, and works to establish trust and express empathy quickly to help alleviate anxiety.