Sarah Bedtelyon

Sarah Bedtelyon

Sarah Bedtelyon, BSN, RN

Cardiac Care Unit
VA Nebraska - Western Iowa Health Care System
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

... Sarah stands out from the rest. When I first met her there was warmth similar to a mothers love. But she was younger then my mother so the feeling that radiated around her was genuine care and love for the job she was doing to give the patient the most professional and quality care. I'm sure with all her training she knew how to be professional but a lot of her commitment allowed her to draw on her own personal empathy she constantly demonstrate to me and everyone I saw her interact with. She made me feel comfortable and at home, almost like a family.

There was a time when a lady came to draw blood from me and I told the lady that they have a hard time taking blood from me. The lady they called to draw blood started to get excited because she couldn't get a vein to work. Then she got excited and was trying to force me to push my arm on the needle but I saw that the needle was about to go thru my vein. So I told her to take the needle out. She started pushing the back of my arm with her hand real hard. So I told her again to take the needle out and she did. So Sarah asked what had happened and I told her. She didn't jump to any conclusions but moments later they sent an experienced nurse to draw my blood, she did it with no problem. Sarah was so happy when the experienced nurse came in to take my blood and so was I.

Every and any problem that would arise Sarah addressed it professionally. I was in the hospital because they said I had pancreatitis. So they said I needed my gallbladder removed I didn't know what a gall bladder was. Sarah gave me a printout of the gallbladder and the whole procedure "Cholecystectomy". Also my procedure was called "Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy". So then that helped relax me to the point I knew everything would be alright with care I was in.

I also heard Sarah talking to my sister (I must have been sedated because of some pain) I heard her let my sister know that I was fine and also in the best of capable hands. To me, Sarah shows the leadership, Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and excellence of a real professional nurse care giver."