Sarah Becker

Sarah Becker

Sarah Becker, BSN, RN

Unit 6A
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
We expect a long road to recovery, but we are ready to face the challenges ahead as we still hold the strength of Sarah in our hearts.

My son suffered a serious injury while playing baseball.  As I lay beside him on the field, I prayed to God for strength.  He was taken to a hospital by ambulance for x-rays and it was determined he needed to be sent to Children’s Hospital due to the severity of the injury. My son suffered through a tremendous amount of pain during this time. We were told that he would need to return to be re-evaluated so we stayed outside of town at a hotel.

We were told that surgery would be necessary and 3 days later would be the first available day.  He suffered another 3 days of terrible pain and by the day of surgery, he was exhausted, in pain, and terrified by the prospect of surgery. My wife and I were equally exhausted and anxious.  When we arrived, he had to have the existing cast cut off. It seemed like an eternity and one of the most difficult things I ever had to watch. The pain was excruciating. Once the surgery was complete, we could see him in Recovery and then take him to his room. Once in the room, I found my strength.  The answer to my prayers came in the most unexpected fashion by a very unassuming and seemingly ordinary nurse named Sarah Becker.

Sarah filled the room and our hearts with love, compassion, and serenity. There was no room for the sadness or grief or anxiety that existed before. She showed a genuine interest in our son’s well-being and the care and concern that she showed for us was in no way ordinary. The next morning, his cast had to be opened so the doctor could check on the status of a bad blister and he was terribly upset. Sarah was there at his side to assure him that everything would be ok. After seeing the wound, we were visibly upset. Sarah was there and immediately set out to make us feel better.

When our son complained that the antibiotic he was receiving by IV was cold and hurt his hand, Sarah promised she would make it better and she did.  I peppered Sarah with questions every time she was within earshot of the room, and she took each question to heart and gave a well thought out and articulated answer to each one, even the ones I asked over and over. When he was discharged, he asked if he could stay one more night, as he felt a sense of security in that room with Sarah by his side.

It’s been one week since his surgery, and he is doing very well and received good news from his doctor. We expect a long road to recovery, but we are ready to face the challenges ahead as we still hold the strength of Sarah in our hearts.