Sarah Basham
August 2020
MaineGeneral Medical Center
United States




In my many experiences either as a patient myself or having a family member in the hospital, I have NEVER experienced such great service. My family member is in this hospital and all of his nurses have been truly amazing. Sarah B. has honestly been the best nurse I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She has been caring, attentive, patient (especially having so many family members here) and her bedside manner has been the best I've ever seen! She is true, honest, kind, genuine, and she actually listens to us as his family. She takes everything we say into consideration and cares about what we say and want. She is attentive and on top of everything. She, with true care, interacts with my family member with great care! Sarah Rocks.


This nurse is always a little ray of sunshine; she has a smile on her face no matter what adversity she faces every day. She is sweet, kind, and caring to her patients and peers. You know you will have a good day when she is working with you. It is impossible not to when she gives you a big smile and calls you Hunny.