Sara Lavin

Sara Lavin, RN

Mother Baby
Memorial Hospital - University of Colorado Health
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

Sara works in all capacities on Mother Baby. Charge, floor staff, nurse and nurse that attends well baby deliveries to assure transition. We worked together two days in a row this week and she took her break by visiting a child in Pediatrics.

When asked who she was visiting, she explained that she was on her way home from work the previous evening and witnessed an auto/pedestrian accident near Rangewood. She stopped and directed others to activate 911 and direct traffic in the busy intersection while she stayed with the 13-year old boy who had been hit by a car. The next day she found out that the child was brought here to Memorial pediatrics with an arm injury. Sara went to visit, to check on his condition, thinking he would not even remember her. He did, and his family expressed appreciation for all she had done.

Sara is a wonderful coworker and not only an asset to our hospital, but as evidenced, an asset to our community.