Sara Himes

Sara Himes

Sara Himes, RN

Infusion Clinic
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
Peoria, Illinois
United States

There are many dedicated nurses who are deserving of the DAISY Award but none more so than Sara Himes. My wife had a pancreas transplant in 2003 and a year later she was experiencing some problems and they said that she needed to have monthly infusions of a monoclonal antibody to stabilize it so that rejection would not occur. Sara was the nurse on duty when we were sent to OSF. Sara had never administered the prescribed drug before. We were very impressed by the way that she had read up on the drug and was prepared to handle any adverse reaction.

That was seven years ago and Sara is the only one that my wife will let do the infusion ever since. Over the years we have managed to become very friendly with Sara. She has gone far beyond the call of duty in performing her job. Within the past few months we signed up for OSF My Health so that we could have access to her monthly lab results. Prior to this my wife had to be stuck twice monthly, once in the lab for her required monthly labs and a second time for the infusion. It was Sara who suggested that she could draw the blood for the labs and do the infusion with just one stick of the needle. So now Sara draws the blood for the labs and then continues on with the infusion. My wife is forever grateful.

Our hope is that OSF will honor Sara with the DAISY Award, she is so deserving.