Sara Elenbarger

Sara Elenbarger

Sara Elenbarger, RN

Washington Regional Medical Center (AR)
Fayetteville, Arkansas
United States

Sara Elenbarger came to my room almost every time I called for help. She visited me when she could. Her bedside nursing is absolutely impeccable. Sara is genuinely interested in and concerned for her patients. The day of my knee surgery (hematoma debriding) I was offered only oral pain meds by another nurse even after telling her they weren't working. Sara quickly assessed my pain level and gave me IV Dilaudid that had been ordered to help eradicate pain. It was a blessing she checked on me all through the night because I wasn't getting any rest between the pain and my pulse ox dropping when I dozed off causing monitor to beep loudly. She saw that RT bled my oxygen (2 liters) into my bipap machine which helped quite a bit.

Sara is willing and does go the extra mile. I don't think that Sara could be any more excellent to her patients she's very intelligent and intuitive. She doesn't mind doing nursing duties or helping me to bedside commode. She's a fabulous example for all RN staff.

As a night nurse, Sara is not hesitant to call the doctor or do whatever she needs to do for her patients. Sara is a jewel of an RN and a great asset and nurse for WRMC!