Sara Duty

Sara Duty, RN, BSN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
CHI St. Vincent
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

Sara was nominated for exceptional nursing practice by a patient’s family. In the nomination, the family member stated

“She took the time to explain everything to us as it happened. It was a very up and down situation and Sara was always there to give encouragement and hugs. There was one situation where we noticed a change in the patient’s condition. Sara called the doctor and asked for a CT. My sister and I are both nurses and many times it is difficult to make decisions when it’s your own family. Sara encouraged us to get the CT. The results showed a hemorrhagic stroke. The patient was on heparin and if Sara had not encouraged the CT, the outcome could have been a lot worse. We were told by the physician that we should consider hospice. Even though the patient continued to improve, we were still told hospice would be the best option. We voiced our concerns to Sara who told us to voice our opinions and do what we thought was best. Sara was not only an advocate for the patient but for us, the family, as well. The patient is now in rehab and will be going home soon.” Every time Sara was in the room, she was patient and attentive. Sara exemplifies every aspect of a great nurse. I am so thankful.”