Sara Brown

Sara Brown

Sara Brown, RN

CHI Franciscan Health - St. Joseph Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
United States

I was fortunate to be hospitalized at St. Jo's with this wonderful group of nurses. I will confess that I am bit controlling and unaccustomed to being out of control. I had none during the period I was in the hospital, but was made to feel okay about my plight. I want to take some time to point out the kindness and professionalism of Ms. Sara Brown.

In a word, Sara Brown is incredible. She was able to determine that I was quickly spiraling because I had absolutely zero control over anything that was happening to me and around me. She was also able to determine that it was probably better if I could at least have a small say in what was going on. She took the time to get a doctor and ask for him to come and speak with me, he did so and calmed my fears and gave me back the control I so desperately needed.

Sara took the time to speak with me on a human level to ascertain what was bothering me; it was her ability to takes steps necessary to return to me a semblance of control over my person that will have me forever grateful to her. I am in no way saying that the remaineder of the nursing staff who cared for me were not equally kind, I merely want to call out Sara Brown's willingness to go the extra step to calm this former patient's fear.