Sandy Van Zee

Sandy Van Zee, RN, BSN

Skiff Medical Center
Newton, Iowa
United States

I nominate Sandy Van Zee for the DAISY Award. Sandy has been a dedicated nurse for over 40 years. Her knowledge in the field of nursing is extensive. What impresses me about Sandy is how she is always striving to learn more and is constantly furthering her education through seminars, reading etc. She recently became one of our competent wound care nurses. When the ICU is quiet you will not find Sandy googling or texting, but instead taking a class or researching. She is a wonderful source of information for other nurses.

Sandy is a nurse that is responsible, reliable, compassionate and dedicated to her patients. She is a terrific advocate for them. What many people do not see is how she lovingly cares for her patients. She will bathe those unable to do so for themselves, like they were her own mother. Patients will frequently ask me about her and when she’ll be working again, because they remember the gentle care they received from her. Much of what Sandy does for her patients goes unseen. Nursing is a calling that Sandy is so richly serving.