Sandy Chamness

Sandy Chamness

Sandy Chamness, RN

Porter Adventist Hospital
Denver, Colorado
United States
Sandy instills great peace and tranquility to her patients.

“This is my mother’s 2nd knee replacement surgery and THANKFULLY she had Sandy for her nurse for her 1st knee replacement too! Both surgeries, Sandy showed compassion, patience and love through her words, smile and demeanor. Sandy instills great peace and tranquility to her patients, which I’m convinced is vital to the healing process – physically and spiritually”.


"We had a long wait for surgery today; 5 hours. During that time in pre-op Sandy made sure that my daughter was comfortable, while diffusing the increasing anxiety my daughter was experiencing while waiting for surgery. Sandy was friendly, astute, professional, compassionate while anticipating and respecting my daughter’s needs. Thank you, Sandy. We appreciate you!"

Thank you, Sandy, for your hard work in our PreOp department!