Sandy Bird

Sandy Bird, RN

2 West/3 Main Medical
Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Sandy Bird, RN
Sandy Bird is a clear
example of someone
who is committed to
providing outstanding
patient care and who
knows what it means
to go the extra mile.
A patient of Sandy’s
nominated her for various reasons …
She memorized 90% of his meds, and
was knowledgeable about each and their
reactions to other meds. She explained to
him in detail his condition. She became an
advocate for him as he endured two days
of severe pain, never giving up until she
found the right medication to help easy
the pain and restore the patient back to
good health. As her nominator states,
“She cared way beyond the normal.” It is
her exceptional care and efficient medical
attention that makes Sandy deserving of
this award ... with her willingness to reach
out, going above and beyond her limits.
Congratulations, Sandy!