Sandra Chivandire

Sandra Chivandire

Sandra Chivandire, RN

Women's Place
Saint Joseph Hospital
Denver, Colorado
United States
Sandra empowered me and was a fantastic cheerleader.

I am a physician at Saint Joe’s who was also a patient. Sandra was my nurse. She is a patient advocate – kind, attentive, and most importantly respected and advocated for me. She is exactly who I needed to care for me. She empowered me and was a fantastic cheerleader. She was lovely to have in my room. She truly exemplified what a nurse is and should be. Sandra, you are awesome and made my experience here at Saint Joe’s fantastic.


We greatly appreciate all the support and care that Sandra gave us. She went above and beyond to answer all our questions and make us feel very comfortable! Sandra was patient and kind to us when we were unclear about how to do things. We loved our post‑partum stay at St. Joe’s!