Sandi Lehman

Sandi Lehman, LPN

Correctional Healthcare
Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc.
Washington, Wisconsin
United States

An elderly female patient was brought into the jail in a state of agitation and confusion. An assumption was made by jail staff that the patient was mentally ill. Sandi Lehman worked cooperatively with jail staff and the mental health professional.

Sandi helped identify the presence of delirium due to a UTI and worked to send the patient to the hospital. When the patient was sent back with a diagnosis of "UTI" and being "out of it" with continued instability, Sandi sent the patient back to the hospital. She was persistent in her efforts to ensure the patient received proper evaluation and care. Sandi's efforts impressed the jail supervisor who said they "had never seen anything like" the cooperation and collaboration displayed by Sandi before. They were very pleased, and the patient got what she needed.