Samantha Ecalner

Samantha Ecalner

Samantha Ecalner, BSN, RN

Clinical Decision Unit
Jefferson Regional Medical Center
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
United States
The true love that Samantha has for the nursing profession shines brightly in the way she cared for my needs. She exhibited professional manners and was extremely respectful.

Samantha was my assigned nurse last night.  I would like to take a special moment to say how thankful and overwhelmed with joy I am from the way she cared about my needs and how very patient she was to listen to my concerns.  She made sure that I was very comfortable.  We discussed my next day procedure (MRI) as I was feeling anxious because I am severely claustrophobic.  As nurses, we have an incredible amount of important responsibility for our patients.  Samantha displayed emotional support for me last night.  She notified the doctor about medication for me after I stated that I don't sleep well and need my sleeping medication.  She received the order after calling my physician twice to explain my concerns.  She provided education and possible side effects to me.  She helped me shower before going to bed.  She always asked if there was anything else that she could do to make my night more comfortable.  I am grateful and appreciative of her kindness. 

The true love that she has for the nursing profession shines brightly in the way she cared for my needs.  She exhibited professional manners and was extremely respectful.  Her tone was warm and made me feel safe and able to trust her skills and clinical judgment.  I hope that someday all professionals will be able to give others a fraction of the care that Samantha has given me.  No words can express, no act of gratitude can relay, no gift can represent what her true self and kindness and support have meant to me.  Please accept this true testimony as an indicator of my heartfelt appreciation for everything she did for me while I was a patient at JRMC. 

To be kind, patient, and understanding does not cost anything. Samantha simply made a choice to be exceptional and astonishing in the way she delivered care to me and I know to other patients as well.  Thank you, Samantha, for answering my call light, for assessing my pain, checking on my comfort level.  "Thank you for treating me like I was important to you.  Kudos for your exceptional nursing care, nursing knowledge, and nursing professionalism.  Continue to bless others with this great care.  You are indeed an Extraordinary Nurse!