Samantha Brady

Samantha Brady, BSN, RN

Samantha Brady, BSN, RN

Kidney Transplant
The Christ Hospital
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States
She was my cheerleader when I needed one.

My husband and I have recently relocated to the Cincinnati area from Michigan.  Being new to the area, I was uncertain to which hospital we should go when I needed immediate care.  I knew my PCP was affiliated with The Christ Hospital, so I decided to make my way there.  This not only turned out to be a great choice, but also a source of one of the biggest blessings I could imagine. 

I was admitted to the hospital in the early morning of August 17th.  My condition was a painful one.  I had not anticipated the issue being nearly as bad as it turned out it was when I first got to the ER.  I was stunned to find out I needed to be admitted and was uncertain of what to expect. 

I was introduced to two nurses from unit 2 South in the ER.  They seemed nice, but it was a little overwhelming.  When I got to the unit, I quickly realized I had made a great choice of hospital and the staff was wonderful.  One nurse stood above the others though.  As great as they all are, she’s just something even more tremendous.  Her name is Sam Brady. 

Sam is, in a word, priceless.  From the first time she took responsibility for my care, she made it clear that her patients are her priority.  She was sympathetic and professional without a doubt. But there is so much more to her than just that.  My condition required me to abstain from food and water for several days, and there was a great deal of pain.  She did what she could to make me laugh when she could see that I could use that.  She held my hand when I was enduring some very difficult procedures.  She was my cheerleader when I needed one.  She never let me get down or feel overwhelmed by the bumps in the road I travelled.  All the way along, she was my rock, and I felt very comfortable using her strength to help recover mine. 

I am quite certain that Sam would say she was merely doing her job, since she’s humble and unassuming.  I can without question say that she does so much more than that. 

Your organization has done a wonderful job in selecting staff.  Truly all the members with whom I had contact are very good employees.  Samantha is something exceptional and I would like to nominate her for the DAISY award.