Samantha Aleman

Samantha Aleman

Samantha Aleman, RN

Labor and Delivery
Memorial Regional Hospital
Hollywood, Florida
United States
I instantly looked Sam's in the eyes and felt a sense of comfort.

I find myself almost speechless when thinking of the perfect way to describe Samantha. It is extremely difficult for me to put into words how I can describe this incredible nurse. She is truly amazing. I had my twin girls and Samantha was my Labor and Delivery nurse.

Her vibrant spirit and engaging personality immediately eased mine and my family's nerves. Sam is extremely smart and an expert at what she does. She explained every step of the process to me before anything even happened. I was terrified, yet Sam put my anxiety to rest.

When my twin B had to be delivered via emergency C-section, Sam jumped into action. I instantly looked her in the eyes and felt a sense of comfort. She really is an incredible nurse and an advocate for her patients. The compassion she showed me by holding my hand, giving me a hug, and talking through everything went beyond empathy. Sam is truly a nursing hero. I am a nurse myself and I strive to be half the nurse that Samantha is.

Thank you, Sam, for all you did for my family and me. I will never forget your kind heart!