Sally E. Bergstrom

Sally Bergstrom

Sally E. Bergstrom, RN, BSN

Med Tele
Sky Ridge Medical Center
Lone Tree, Colorado
United States

As I walked through the DAISY Garden I came to realize the continuing role each DAISY played in easing pain and speeding up the healing process of those individuals in the immediate care and surroundings of the DAISY Garden. There was one DAISY in particular who caught my eye. She just seemed to peep through or stand out among the other flowers. She was a special variety, who just appeared to be two flowers in one; the first, a nurse and secondly, a friendly acquaintance. This particular DAISY was Sally Bergstrom from the Care Team Nurse variety. In researching this DAISY variety during my stay, 10 facts about Sally Bergstrom came to light.

D: Detail Oriented with a calm focused demeanor

A: Assuring “eye” for detail in process of helping, working with and caring for others

I: Integrity, issues, and patient are a top priority; actions above and beyond; executes her duties with a smile

S: Stamina and confidence exemplified through her resilient leadership and communication skills

Y: Yielding and comfortable when working with and assisting other team members and co-workers


A: Application of learned nursing skills signifies and guarantees issues will be addressed

W: Well trained and patient; displays empathy toward issues or concerns

A: Always assessing and re-assessing care, comfort and patient well-being

R: Remembers conversations and take a compassionate interest in her patients

D: Dedicated; shows interest and love of nursing